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New Year 2017

New Year 2017

  Jim, Ron and I are standing by the sea, we all are absorbing the sunset of Twenty ninth of December  I look up to my brother Jim and his  best friend Ron whom to me is a mate, secret keeper,  my fighter, supporter, my ideal and all those things. We had trio since world have started learning name. Ron is two years older than me and a year younger than my brother.

“ Year 2016 is coming to it’s end and day after will be a welcome to New Year  2017 “
whisper Ron.
Can’t believe it !” gasped Jim .
“ What is it to believe ? For me it’s just a party time” .
Ron rolled his eyes and mouthed something to Jim which I am least interested to care or know about .
“ Is there any time of the year when she wouldn’t be up for a party “.
“I can’t  think of  any single moment “ Jim  agree him as usual.
“Fine! Get over it and decide what is the plan I am no way going to be sitting in front of television  and will be spending the wonderful night of new year 2017.”
I notice them behaving secret conversation under my babbling and seems to flatten their face when I catch  their  sight. THIS BOILED UP MY MIND.
I am yelling on top of  my voice.
“ ELLA! You know we will decide something or other, don’t  create a scene “ Jim is mad over me and at the moment I really don’t care.
It’s cool ! I am finding myself of no use here when you both have loads to share among yourself “.
I stamp my feet and walk out from there immediately, to my full knowledge Ron would be after me but right now I am too mad to even look at him . I pull my R8 on the road and drive furiously toward home.
Ron smiles beside me, he come closers towards me and take my hand into his. I can’t  simply think what to say this is an embrace where I find myself dumb. Seriously?     Ella Stewart is tight lipped! GAH! This is infuriating. He continues with his conversation regarding his business and weaving his fingers into mine, surprisingly I feel something irony on my fingers. GOD! IT’S A DAMMED RING.
I am attack by my brother Jim with a cushion which wake me up from my foolishness. What a dream, my subconscious roll her eyes. JEEZ! I should overcome my daydreaming. I tell myself again and again.
On the evening of thirty-first . I can no longer overcome the knots in my stomach. So, I march towards my cranky brother who has no feelings regards me.
Oh dear Ella come over it” Jim shout the moment he caught my sight.
Why don’t you understand it’s New Year 2017 and its almost midnight”.
“Why oh why! Brother you don’t understand my rumbling and my excitement”. My subconscious request my brother but pity he can’t hear.
Hey comeback to the planet Ron and I had decided You can join Ron at place he texts and I’ll be joining later”.
“Fine”. I  mutter trying to keep my expression as blank as possible but inside my inner goddess is just performing the same ballet dance as the Italian girls would love.
“I got to get ready c’ya later “ I skip towards my pink-pong
Now time to get ready I just start going through my drawers and wardrobe. At the back of my mind there is a battle between me and myself. What should I wear either a long gown or maybe float skirts, or jeans and hoodies or any of mu sweatshirt, finally after of half hour quest I decide over a pencil grey skirt and same color blouse and high stilettoes. I keep my make up as natural as possible. Just a little mascara, pinkish shade of matte lip color and some blush. After 11 o’clock I just give myself a last look in the mirror and I am looking average but I can’t just get better. I check my watch for last time, it shows 11:20 finally there is ping of horn from the door . I know its Ron, butterflies start fluttering in my stomach.
As I settle into the car the music system in the car is echoing “ steal my girl” in the amazing choir of One Direction .
“Ella! You look gorgeous babe” his eyes are shining.
Baby? Is he okay?. Shiver ran down my spine but I remind myself don’t get overexcite its just a tongue slip.
 “Am I now? “ I murmur.
He drive towards the seaside and park Lamborghini on the bank of the sea. I suspect why are we here, no crowd, no rush of people moving to and fro. I decide on to text Jim my location. Surprisingly, there is an immediate reply on the screen.
 *I know right! Girl :D enjoys!! Huhhh?*
Gahhh!! They are up to something but what? I just can’t think. My senses of thinking go dumb around Ron. Ron I must ask Ron. My subconscious nod her head. I stand beside Ron with a questioning look.
What are you up to?” I demand
“Just wait for two more minutes and soon you will know” He smile with his full teeth smile and the immediate response of his grin is my blood boils up but I decide to ignore at once. For once I know hate suspense .
I am distract from the fireworks which is in the sky of Istanbul. I guess it’s from “Taksim Square”. There is everywhere pre-celebration actually last minutes celebration before the New Year 2017 going on. It won’t be wrong saying “Love is in the air of Istanbul” but the man standing next to me is just have no feelings regards me. He is so heartless. My eyes involuntarily search for him I am all of sudden panic to know he is nowhere. OH GOD! He was just right here a moment or so before.
Right over here” I hear from somewhere  around my knees.
 Ron take my left-hand and move his thumbs across my knuckle then slip the ring into my finger. I am overwhelm with the feeling of him. Yet! I have not overcome my feeling there is a bang in the air. Suddenly a stirring dock and two rockets soar into the air, exploding with deafening bang over the bay, lighting in all dazzling of orange and white that reflect in glittering shower over the still calm water of the bay. Volley after volley bang after bang, and light after light. Ron and I are all ohhs and aahhs. It’s New Year 2017. Best midnight ever happened. Start of the year is such amazing eyeing Ron I hug him and he squeeze in return.

              THE END..

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New year 2017

New year 2017

New year 2017

New year 2017

New year 2017


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